Welcome to Lawtender – Where Justice is Served with a Twist!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new site Lawtender.com!

This blog will be focusing on various issues relating to access to justice, judicial bias, the lack of separation of power between branches of government, use of technology in the law, gamification as a learning tool in legal settings, the changing relationship between clients and lawyers, unbundled and limited representation service models, automated documents and their role in access to justice, antiquated rules and procedures that hinder independent litigants (our word for pro se), diminished legal aid funding, rewriting the law in plain language, bar regulations and how they need to adapt with times… and more!!!

We will also be providing the latest updates from our soon to be launched site LegalYou.com, where all you need for your case is in one place!

So belly up to the bar for a refreshing, sometimes frothy, drink of logic and sanity served up by the Lawtenders of LegalYou.