University of Tennessee Tells Staff and Students to Stop Using ‘He’ and ‘She’ – and Switch to ‘Xe’, ‘Zir’ and ‘Xyr’ Instead

  • Gay rights official at Knoxville campus wrote new language instructions
  • Tells students and staff to use unusual, gender-neutral pronouns like ‘xe’
  • Donna Braquet said that the new regime would make campus ‘inclusive’
  • University clarified that guidelines are not compulsory after critics called them ‘absurd’

The University of Tennessee has told its staff and students to stop calling each other ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘him’ and ‘her’ – and to start referring to one another with terms like ‘xe’, ‘zir’ and ‘xyr’ instead.

The Knoxville branch of the public university, which has 27,400 students, sent a memo round to its members filled with unusual new parts of speech to avoid referring to anybody’s gender.

According to a gay rights official at the university, the new language regime will make the university ‘welcoming and inclusive’ and stop people feeling ‘marginalized’.