LegalYou: What To Wear To Court

When you’re due in court, sometimes the last thing on your mind is what to wear, but it shouldn’t be. Appearance is a big part of any courtroom visit. There are no specific guidelines for dressing in court, but it can only help knowing some rules of thumb. That’s right — attire matters.

No, attire, not a tire.

What would you do with one tire, anyway? Sorry. Listen, whatever the circumstance of your court visit is, it’s never okay to look like you don’t care.

We’re not saying this is a black tie affair, but leave the ripped vintage Pac-Man t-shirt for another day. Dress respectful, like you’re going on a job interview — an office job interview. That’s it.

And like an old Italian grandmother would tell you at the dinner table, no hats inside. With that being said, make sure you groom yourself, including your hair and face. Don’t overdo it on fragrance; this isn’t speed dating. Avoid excessive jewelry, or any if possible.

Remember, you have to go through metal detectors.

As for anything we haven’t covered, just think, no unnecessary accessories like shoulder parrots or Ghostbuster proton packs. Bottom line, no matter the reason for being there, you want to show that you respect the courtroom.

Doing otherwise, can only hurt you.

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