LegalYou: LGBT Rights

This is a transformative time in America for LGBT rights and Florida law, like the country as a whole, is gradually being adapted in accordance with these winds of change. We’re finally allowing people to enjoy being themselves, whether they visit a site like or a heterosexual adult site, it shouldn’t make a difference within our society. But it’s important to know where Florida stands at this moment regarding the legal rights of those in the LGBT community.

Now, despite the advancements being made, LGBT individuals still have fewer protections than non LGBT counterparts. Specifically when dealing with discrimination, housing, employment and legal family recognition. In fact the laws against same-sex sexual activity we’re not declared unenforceable in Florida until 2003.

Even though 2015 finally brought same-sex marriage to Florida, there is still room for improvement and clarification in LGBT law. Specifically when it comes to the issue of sexual orientation versus gender identity. The discrimination laws for places such as nursing homes and hospitals, for example, cover sexual orientation but not gender identity. And Florida hate crime laws as of this moment also don’t take gender identity into consideration, only sexual orientation. There’s currently no law on Florida’s books that specifically protects from workplace discrimination based on sexuality and gender expression and the anti-discrimination laws regarding schools and bullying also failed to mention LGBT rights by name.

Additionally family law issues are one of the biggest sources of conflict in the LGBT community and come with all their own complexities. Although single-parent in gay marriage adoption is now legal in Florida, second parent adoption is still dependent on the jurisdiction. For those unfamiliar, a second parent adoption is when someone adopts their same-sex partners child regardless of the exact nature of their relationship and without the first partner losing parents status.

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