LegalYou: Indigent Status

Court is not cheap and life’s expenses are challenging enough to keep up with.

Even if you’re ready to go it alone without an attorney, the Court itself has built-in costs such as filing fees. If you find yourself having to go to court but unable to pay these court costs required, you can apply for special consideration. To get this consideration, you must qualify for what the court calls indigent status. Indigents status can grant you exemption or leniency regarding a number of court costs but you must prove to the court that you are eligible for such a status first.

To declare, you must first submit a filled out application providing certain personal financial details to the court along with the written motion. The financial data must include your net income from salary and wages. Additional income such as government benefits, workers comp, pensions and outside financial support, assets like property, bank accounts, stocks and bonds as well as any outstanding debts.

You will find this form for free from the LegalYou website and if you need help completing the form, LegalYou can do that too. Once submitted to the clerk, the application will undergo review by the clerk. If the clerk approves the application, they should immediately file the determination in case records.

If the clerk doesn’t approve it, you may ask the court to review the clerk’s decision. Being declared indigent doesn’t necessarily eliminate all court fees however. Payment plans are often set up according to the litigants financial situation, as long as the monthly payment does not exceed two percent of their yearly income. LegalYou is always there as a resource if you’re declaring indigents status and to help you make sense of it all.

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