LegalYou: Court Reporters

When representing yourself in court, you want to cover all bases like a lonely baseball player, not only for what’s in front of you, but for the potential future of the case. This includes a possible appeal where you may be able to ask other judges to look at what happened in your case, to see if your judge made any mistakes in applying the law.

If you can show that your judge committed an error, you may get chance to start over or sometimes win your case outright. But how do you show the appellate judge these crucial mistakes?

Often they come in what the judge said in court during decisions or even in something you or other people said to the judge. Without something to show the appellate judges what happened or what was said in the courtroom, they will just assume your judge did everything right.

That’s where the court reporter comes in.

The court reporter will type everything said by anyone in the courtroom into his or her stenograph machine. But usually courtrooms don’t automatically come with court reporters, just like popcorn doesn’t come free with your movie.

You have to order and pay for one to be there. But that’s a small price to pay for the chance to win your case later. If you do appeal your case later, there will be another charge for the court reporter to type out what everyone said on paper.

This is called the official transcript. So how do you order a court reporter exactly? Well, if you are part of the LegalYou community, it’s as simple as a phone call or an email to LegalYou. LegalYou can arrange of court reporter at a fair price, and if you ever need to appeal, LegalYou will help you get your official transcript and get it filed with the court. You can do this and LegalYou can help.

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