FL SJR 322 & HJR 197 Call for Limits on Florida Appellate & Supreme Court Judges

“No public office – be it state representative, governor or judge – should be for life,” Corcoran said in his prepared remarks. We agree.

The joint resolution (SJR 322 / HJR 197) would limit Florida’s appellate judges and Supreme Court justices to 12 years on the bench. It’s the first formal initiative to come out of House Speaker-Designate Richard Corcoran‘s policy playbook, embedded below.

As stated in Florida Politics;

In Florida, appellate judges and justices are appointed by the governor, then sit for yes-or-no “merit retention” elections first instituted in the mid-1970s. Since then, no judge has lost a retention vote.

The measures would create a constitutional amendment requiring approval by 60 percent of voters. The proposed ballot title is “Term Limits for Appellate Courts,” including the state Supreme Court.

“They currently serve unlimited 6-year terms, if retained, until (the mandatory retirement age of) 70,” the ballot summary reads. “This amendment would limit them to two full terms. A partial term would not count toward the limit. This amendment applies to current justices and judges.”

Not only is it unfair to place term limits on two branches of government and not on the third, it is dangerous to give one group of people such power.

As such, we here at Lawtender.com support these measures.