Casetext Announces LegalPad, a Technology to Transform the Way that the Legal Profession Writes about the Law

Casetext, a free legal research platform which is quickly becoming a go to destination for lawyers to discover, read and share legal commentary, announces the launch of LegalPad, a new writing and editing tool designed for lawyers to easily publish and connect with a built-in audience of legal-minded readers.

LegalPad is a web-based writing tool. Like most text editors, users can format text and publish an article for public view. But unique to LegalPad are a number of features built specifically to improve the legal writing experience. Writers can pull up the full text of cases, statutes, and regulations directly alongside the text they are writing, and can seamlessly add quotations to their draft along with the correct citation. Users can bookmark helpful documents while doing research on Casetext’s comprehensive legal database, and later easily reference and add to their draft in the text editor. Casetext has even developed technology to recognize what case an author is writing before they’ve even finished typing it. These are the types of features that make writing about the law orders of magnitude better than traditional tools.

While LegalPad is already a major improvement for people who publish legal analysis, it’s also just the first step in a long-term effort to transform the way people everywhere read, write, and collaborate about the law. Heller notes: “This is just the beginning. We have really exciting things planned for writing legal briefs!”

Casetext is working to make all the world’s laws free and understandable while taking on one of the biggest inefficiencies facing the legal market. Founded in 2013, Casetext is a Y Combinator company and earlier this year raised $7 million in Series A funding, led by Union Square Ventures. The company is the brainchild of Jake Heller, a former litigator and president of the Stanford Law Review, honored as Forbes 30 Under 30 for law and policy and Fastcase 50 for legal innovation. For more information, visit